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Stupid viral trends the world lives to regret .

Stupid viral trends the world lives to regret | thetelegraph.com.au

Bob Katter tweeted this image of himself planking with this caption: Billy & @TheAFLFootyShow here's another perk to politics -some say I'm a trend setter #planking #katterplanking #AFL pic.twitter.com/dLp9di606t Source: Supplied

FROM snorting cinnamon to planking to ingesting condoms - some trends don't just grab headlines, they also demonstrate that stupidity can even be trendy.
The growth in digital media and the sharing of video and photos online has resulted in a range of strange, viral global trends and pranks that defy logic, gravity and common sense.
It turns out that mum was right - just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you should get in the act.  Don't believe us? See for yourself with our list of the craziest global pranks that have fired up popular imagination and left medical professionals scratching their heads.


Cinnamon challenge in slow motion

Check out this slow motion video of the cinnamon challenge.
WATCHING your mates swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon without water may seem funny, but the consequences are no laughing matter. Doctors say the caustic powder can cause breathing problems, choking and in some cases, collapsed lungs.
The prank which began in 2011 seems to have take off recently amongst teens with 222 requiring medical treatment, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Condom snorting

The 'Condom challenge' is one of the latest stupid crazes on the net.
THIS YouTube viral challenge is every bit as disgusting as it sounds, with countless bored people in the US and the UK uploading video of themselves snorting condoms and then pulling it out of their mouths. The challenge is to complete the trick without choking.
One video showed a young girl performing the trick to Taylor Swift's hit song 22 while a mother's outraged reaction clip has been viewed more than 600,000 times.
Doctors warn the danger lies in retrieving the condom from the throat and if done when someone is drunk, vomiting and then inhaling, could quickly turn fatal.

WA miners sacked after Shake

A group of work mates have lost their jobs doing the Harlem Shake while on duty. Courtesy Today Network Nine
Barminco fired the eight men who performed the dance and another six or seven who watched it as the company stated that "safety takes unconditional priority at all times ... and we will not make any exception to this."


Acton Beale
Acton Beale died in a fall from an apartment building while attempting to plank. Picture: FacebookSource: PerthNow
PLANKING, which involves people lying face-down usually at a precarious angle or on a high surfaces like a ledge, has gotten more and more extreme since the trend began in 2004.
His death is thought to be the first Australian fatality from the craze which in extreme forms sees prankster lie face down on the edge of cliffs, bridges, balconies, railway crossings and other unsafe surfaces not designed to carry the weight of an adult.


Maria Pantazopoulos'
Canadian newlywed Maria Pantazopoulos drowned trying to trash her wedding dress while her photographer tried to rescue her. Source: Supplied
WEDDINGS are costly affairs and some brides, looking to get more than one use out of that costly frock for their special day, have taken to getting a professional photographer to capture them as they trash the dress in question.
Local authorities said weight of her wet dress was "like an anvil" and made it impossible for the 30-year-old to swim to safety.

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